A Terrifying Victory

I'm so excited to be writing this post; but I'm also terrified. I finally finished my book! Today, the first copy of "The 5 Forms of Stress Recovery" arrived at my house. It was a wonderful feeling to see it in the flesh, to hold in my hands the idea that has been rolling around in my brain for over a year. 

But it was also terrifying. 

Now that it's here, it's real. Once it's in the world, there's no taking it back; no way to ask for a mulligan or claim I never really finished it. This scares me. I'm putting something out into the world that I've worked hard on for the last year; that I've spent my time and my money on. What if nobody likes it? Was it worth it?

I believe so. 

I pushed myself to write this book for two reasons. 

First, I believed that I needed to challenge myself to grow. To push beyond what I was comfortable with in order to create growth in my life. We get so complacent in our lives as we age; unless we challenge ourselves to continue to develop we often fall short of our true potential. 

Secondly, I believe this book will help other people. It might only help one other person, but if it does then I believe I have an obligation to get that information to them. The belief that this approach to stress recovery instead of management could help people got me through a lot of the difficult times on this project. The times when I just wanted to toss everything out the window and play playstation. The points in developing a book that are so boring to me (like applying for ISBN numbers) that I'd rather be outside then stuck on the computer working. I pictured one person finding support in my words, and that got me through it. 

So, it's out there. There's no turning back. If you'd like a copy I will have copies the first week of June, but you can also order them here and soon on amazon.ca

Now go out there and take care of yourself.