I’ve always been more excited about starting projects then finishing them. If you come to my house chances are you’ll see various projects on the go; a ukulele sitting out, a number of books I’m halfway through reading, and probably pottery that’s in one stage or another of completion. 


    But not many completed projects. 


    This year, I’ve been working on finishing a project from start to finish. To many people this is no big deal, but for me to get past the idea stage was a victory. For me to take my idea and work with it from inception to completion took a lot of time, effort and support from those around me. 


    I wrote a book. 


    Truth be told, it’s not actually printed yet. I’m waiting on the ISBN number, the CIP number, and some formatting to finish up so that I can self print, and this is usually where my attention would wander off to some other project and this one would fall by the wayside. 


    But not today.


    Today I’m telling you about my book because I thrive on external accountability. If I knew there was a test on Friday, I’d study. If I had a weigh in for wrestling I’d make whatever weight necessary to compete. In short, if people are expecting me to be somewhere or accomplish something I’ll do everything I can to achieve that expectation. 


    But as I get older, I seem to have less accountability. Yes, I’m accountable to the bank to pay my mortgage, and to my job to show up on time, but nobody keeps me accountable when it comes to my personal goals. Nobody keeps me accountable to growing into the person I want to be. 


    So today I create that accountability myself. My book, titled “The Five Divisions of Stress Recovery” will be printed by my birthday, May 22, 2016. I hope that on my birthday I receive the usual Facebookbirthday wishes, but more importantly I hope some of them ask me if I achieved this goal. Because knowing people out there are wondering will keep me coming back to the computer to edit, format, and do all the steps necessary to complete the book that I normally would find excuses not to do!