Building a Communi-Tea

One of the things that I love the most about living in Black Diamond is the sense of community. This town is like a tidal pool; if you glance at it, it may appear as though not much is going on. However the longer you look the more you begin to notice. There are hiking groups, knitting circles, gardeners, potters, and more live music than you can shake a stick at! There are an amazing number of micro communities here, and so many people to connect with. 


But community is not developed passively. It takes time, energy and passion to create the networks necessary for community to thrive. And like the old song on Sesame Street said "Cooperation...makes it happen...cooperation, working together!". 


With that in mind, Bentley Massage and Heather Orton Wholistics are now working with The Tea Shoppe Cafe in Black Diamond to offer free tea to clients who come in for treatments. Black Diamond is a great place to come for a treatment, but why rush home? Get a (free) tea and take a walk through the boutiques, galleries and shops of the town and you just might find out how much more is going on that you'd be interested in!